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Summer Boredom Buster Sticks Craft

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Summer Boredom Buster Craft

We are counting down the days until Summer Holidays in our house. My son Harry is going to be finished Junior Infants in three days and then he will be off for eight full weeks!. I just can’t believe how quickly that year has just flown by, it’s mental. This is going to be my first summer at home with the kids so we are starting to plan different things we can do for the summer to keep us busy to try and ease those “I’m bored” moments.

I was recently asked to make some Summer Crafts for HB Ice Cream as part as a Summer campaign for I was asked to make four crafts in total and each one had to somehow use Ice Cream sticks in the craft. I love a little craft challenge like that! This is not the first time that I have made crafts for HB so I had to get my thinking cap on to think of something new that involved ice cream sticks. So here goes!!

What you need:

  • Ice Cream Sticks
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Empty Jar
  • Black Marker
  • Label
  • String
Boredom Busters
Loads of ideas of activities you can do

1. Choose 15 Ice Cream Sticks and separate them into three groups of 5.

2. Paint the top of each stick within the group the same colour

3. I choose the colours Blue (Play), Red (Make) and Yellow (Do) but you can use whatever colours or categories you like.

4. Leave your sticks to dry.

5. Think of creative ideas for each category that you and your children would enjoy doing. You can also add in a few surprise jobs like ‘clean your room’, ’empty the dishwasher’.

6. Write each idea on each stick with a black marker

7. Place all the sticks in a glass jar or recycled tin and design a label which describes what each colour stands for.

Boredom Busters 3
Pick a stick

Next time you hear  “i’m bored” produce your boredom buster sticks and  the kids will have hours of fun with little activities and jobs to do.

Boredom Busters 2



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