Weekly Pregnancy Update

15 Weeks Bump Update-Apple

15 weeks

We are so excited to be expecting baby number three. Harry, my eldest was five in March, Nicole is going to be turning two in August and now this little one will be arriving in December. So I’m 15 weeks, it’s flying by already. It’s definitely a different type of experience when you already have two others to look after. For a start it’s a lot busier and you don’t have much time to think about yourself let alone bump. So I was thinking about how the best way to do this every week and I think this is kinda fun below and to the point.

Size of The Baby: An Apple

How I’m Feeling: Loads of energy in the morning and slowly fading as the day goes by. By the time the evening comes around i’m praying for bedtime for the kids so I can kickback and watch a bit of Netflix. I feel like in the last week my belly has just popped out a good bit. I cannot wait to have a proper bump, I hate this in between stage of looking like I’ve put on a few pounds but not enough to look pregnant. It obviously depends on what you wear so the baggier the less obvious. It’s definitely bigger in the evening which I love. My skin is so bad at the moment, I’ve never had so many spots before, I’m trying to drink loads of water but then I just need to pee loads so it’s a catch 22. I have these insane spots all over my neck, they are gross and I can’t stop picking them, every time I get in the car my hand slowly creeps up to my neck, I’m going to have to start wearing driving gloves or something. I actually got a text off a friend’s husband today as I was driving up the M50 saying ‘Leave your chin alone, stop picking it’ Scarlet!

Cravings: I am so so hungry at the moment. I literally cannot get enough food into me. It’s not good as I’m really conscious of getting huge especially because it’s my third time around but I’m like feck it, as long as I’m eating some good stuff with all the bold stuff then all will be ok! I’m craving lots and lots of yoghurts, I was the same the first time I was pregnant with Harry I was absolutely addicted to Yops, they were the only thing that could satisfy me. Lidl do this amazing 8 pack of ‘low fat’ yoghurts and they are so tasty that I’ve been eating up to six a day-I know I have a problem!! They say they are low fat but they are probably full of sugar, I should really check that!I’m also loving anything orange, drinking fresh orange juice from Lidl by the gallon, straight out of the bottle, classy!

Sleep: Cannot get enough, although with the bright mornings the kids are waking up at 6am every morning, Nicole actually woke up at 5am today, I don’t know what that was about but she was wide awake and no hope of going back down for a snooze. Sleeping on my back at the moment, which is weird as that sounds uncomfortable and I normally sleep on my tummy but it’s what’s most comfortable right now.

Looking Forward To: Feeling the baby move for the first time

That’s all for this week




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