Outdoor Crafts

Leaf Printing In The Garden

It was a beautiful sunny day on Tuesday so as soon as we got home from school we opened the back doors to the garden and the kids ran outside.

While sitting in the garden I noticed the gorgeous shape of the leaves on one of the trees so we decided to do some leaf stamping.


Here’s what you will need:

Paint (a few different colours)

Paintbrushes (approx four)

Leaves (any leaves will work, the more detailed in shape the better)

Paint pots-I use old glass jars that I bought Glenilen yoghurts in. They are the perfect size.

White Paper

Aprons/Old shirts (optional)-my kids clothes were already covered in food today so we didn’t bother wearing aprons for this.

I picked a few leaves from the tree and lay them on the grass.

LP 1

Then I poured the different coloured paints into the paint jars and put a paint brush in each one.

Choose a leaf and place it flat down on an A4 piece of paper.


Hold the leaf with one hand and paint with the other. You can choose to paint the leaves whatever way you like. We did a few different designs.



You can paint the leaves alternative colours or paint the leaves all one colour and then paint the tips of the leave a different colour, it’s really up to you.


Don’t worry about being too neat, personally I think the colours mixing in together looks even better.

Once you have finished painting all the leaves pick up your piece and place it gently flat down (the painted side side) on a clean piece of white paper. (The paper that you paint the leaves on also makes for some pretty prints).Flatten the leaves out with your fingers making sure all the leaves are stuck to the page.


Then slowly peel the leaf off the paper to reveal your gorgeous colourful print.


How pretty are these leaf designs we made!



It’s quite windy out there today so we hung our finished prints on the washing line to dry.


You can frame your prints or display them on the fridge or bedroom wall.

I hope you enjoy making these,

Happy Crafting,



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