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My Top 5 Places To Buy Arts and Crafts Materials For Children

I have an addiction to buying Arts and Crafts materials, I have a good excuse because it’s part of my job doing the children’s arts and crafts birthday parties but seriously it’s of control. Stationary is also a huge problem for me too, there’s nothing more I love than buying pretty notebooks, pens and folders, pretty much anything stationary related-I love it!

Unfortunately we don’t have giant superstore craft shops like Michaels or Hobbylobby in Ireland but we do have some fantastic smaller shops that sell arts and crafts materials only problem is that there is no one stop shop (that I’ve found) that you can go to, to buy everything. Also arts and crafts materials should not be expensive and I find a lot of places are a total rip off so I refuse to buy them as I know how cheap they are in other shops.

Here’s my top list of shops in Dublin/Wicklow that I buy Arts and Crafts Materials for the kids in no particular order.


1) Dealz

Possibly one of my favourite shops in general and I nearly wet myself when I first discovered it. There are around 38 of these scattered around Ireland, here are all of the locations. They have a fantastic arts and craft range. Everything from paints, canvases, paintbrushes, embellishments, stickers, craft kits, crayons, paper, card..the list is endless. Also a fantastic shop for stationary. A very handy place to go to stock up your home office with jiffy bags, staplers, folders, trays etc.. I also buy all my cleaning products and shampoo here and you would be amazed at how much stuff you can get as everything costs only €1.49-I know, amazing eh!! Oh the bakery range is really nice too. I normally go to the big dealz in the old Dundrum shopping centre as they have  a great selection of stuff there. If you love a bargain like me, you will not be disappointed.


2) Two Euro Shop

Very similar to Dealz but not as big a selection I don’t think. They have a much better range of art canvases that range in prices starting from €2 upwards so I normally go there for this reason alone. They also have a great stationary selection and cheap toys that make good kids party pass the parcel prizes or birthday presents.


3) Tiger

What can I say, if you have never been to the Danish store Tiger before just drop everything and go there, it is my ultimate heaven. My heart definetly beats a little faster when I’m in the shop.They sell everything from Partyware, Kitchenware, Stationary, Crafts, Kids toys & games, candles, clocks, lamps, storage. Everything and I mean everything inside the shop is so cool, clever, funky and so well designed that you will want it all. The best part is, nothing is expensive, prices start from €1/€2 and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything over €30. The arts and crafts selection is amazing and they have some seriously fun designs. My latest purchases include some gorgeous summer patterned (think windmills and icelollys) craft paper, cute bicycle shaped paperclips, some handy children’s painting aprons with detachable sleeves and a plain DIY Tote bag to decorate. There are 15 stores in Ireland, my local one is in Dun Laoighaire shopping centre but I hear there is a much bigger one in Dublin which I have yet to venture into.


4) The Art & Hobby Shop

The Art and Hobby shop is where I go to buy mostly paintbrushes, paint and crafty bits like pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, cardstock etc.. They also stock the Baker Ross range which I absolutely love. My local shop is in Greystones and the staff are always very helpful answering any questions or giving advise on projects that i’m working on.


5) Nimble Fingers

Nimble Fingers is a small little shop in Stillorgan, Dublin that has been there for years and years. It’s the very first shop I ever went to as a child to buy art materials so I often pop in to grab a few bits and pieces. They have a huge selection of toys, games, books, art materials, craft kits etc.. It’s one of those places that i’ll always go back to, to pick up a few bits.

So that’s it, they are my favourite places to go. I’m sure there are many more fantastic shops in Ireland that I don’t know about so I would love to hear what your favourites are. I’m always looking for a new place to discover.


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