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Day Trip To Kia Ora Mini Farm

Kia Ora Farm Welcome

Today being the first day of the official Summer holiday’s I decided to treat Harry and Nicole and bring them to the Kia Ora Mini Farm. I didn’t really know much about it so it was a bit of an adventure for me to. The Kia Ora Mini Farm is based just off the M11 (Junction 23) about 15 minutes past the Arklow turn coming from Dublin. We packed a picnic of sambos, crisps, yoghurts, drinks and fruit. It wasn’t very sunny when we were leaving so we went prepared for all types of weather wearing wellies but bringing sun cream, sunhats and raincoats just in case. We arrived at the farm at 11.30am. I though we would be one of the first there but surprisingly the first car park was already full so we parked in the next one beside it.

Map Of Kia Ora

We all walked up the short flower filled path to the front door where we were greeted by a lovely girl at the front desk. The admission fee is €7 for adults and €7 for children. I asked would Nicole be free as she was under two but she said that once the children are able to walk they charge (damn it should have brought the buggy!!) It came to €21 in total for the admission and I thought that was a fair enough price. We were given a map to find our way and off we went. The kids were so excited and ran through what I later saw to be a coffee shop.

When you enter the farm there is a large picnic area to the left and on the right there is two big sandpits full of diggers and buckets and spades. In the middles section is a small baby playground. We played here for about ten minutes.

Sand Pit Kia Ora Farm

Next we entered the giant cow shed, well what a treat. There is so much to see in here. There are giant bunny rabbits, baby rabbits, little chicks, chipmunks, guinea pigs and a huge parrot.


Baby Bunnies Kia Ora

The kids were so excited when they got the chance to sit on a little bench with a mini carpet on their lap and were handed a miniature bunny to hold and pet. Harry couldn’t believe his luck while Nicole wasn’t too sure about it, she kept saying ‘Scary Mummy’ so I took the poor bunny from her and put him back in his cage.

Kia Ora Bunny RabbitsBaby Chicks


Milking a cow kia ora farm

At the back of the shed there is a giant pretend cow with little stools and you can take  turns at milking the cow, the kids loved this! Off this room is another massive room filled with a colouring station, blackboards, chalk and Hoola hoops.


When you exit the cow shed you see the Kia Ora Mini Farm Fire engine. Harry nearly wet himself with excitement, he’s never been near a real fire engine before so when I told him we could go for a ride in it he was so happy.

Fire Engine

There was no queue and we made our way onto the converted fire truck to take our seats. There are safety belts on each seat to strap the kids in.  I sat in front of Harry and Nicole and watched at their amazement. The door shoot, the driver jumped into the driving seat and the fire engine made three big honks. There is a screen on board playing kids songs like ‘In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight’ & ‘If your happy and you know it clap your hands’ The truck took off and we all sang along and clapped our hands. I don’t know who enjoyed it more, them or me!! You go on a very short trip (long enough) up the path around and back down and back to where we started. It was so much fun and a great surprise as we were not expecting anything like this at the farm.

Picnic Kia Ora Farm

We hopped off the fire engine and decided to go and have our picnic. The picnic area is really lovely with Mushroom tables, chairs and a train in the middle. It’s really clean and there are bins everywhere. The picnic lasted all of about 4 minutes as the kids were so excited to get back into the farm. I stuffed whatever food I could into my gob and theirs and we kept going.

Next we went straight over to the coolest diggers, like they are real diggers that you sit on and there is a screen between the digger and the pit and you get a chance to properly dig up stuff and move it around, it was amazing.


We all took turns and there was no queue so we were able to stay as long as we wanted. This was great as it was definitely the highlight for Harry. Here’s a little video of it.

For the next hour and a half we went to the maze, the go karts, played a bit of basketball, then walked around to see all of the animals outside. There are some seriously gorgeous animals like peacocks, baby cows, goats, little ponies, ducks and deer. All the animals seemed really happy as they have large areas and plenty of food and water.




What I loved about the farm is that throughout the farm there are tractors, diggers, bikes, trikes etc.. so when the kids get bored of walking they just grab the nearest tractor and keep going. It’s not a large farm to walk around by any means but there is always something to do or play with which is fantastic.


WP_20150629_111 WP_20150629_109

We spent three hours at the farm in total and I have to say it was well worth a visit. I was so impressed by the facilities and all the staff were extremly helpful and friendly. It was a good time of the day to go as it wasn’t too busy and the sun only came out for a few minutes so the weather was actually perfect as it was pleasant but not too hot.



Kia Ora Farm is a must see this summer for anyone looking for a day trip to a great farm. We will definitely be going back for another visit before the holidays are over.



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