Weekly Pregnancy Update

16 Weeks Pregnancy Update-Avocado

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The weeks are just flying by, I can’t believe I am already 16 weeks (4 months woah!) Harry got his summer holidays from school  this week so the week has been somewhat of a blur as we have been busy. The baby is growing at a rapid pace, In the evening time my belly is so much bigger, I think Stu sometimes get’s a fright when he sees me when he comes home from work in the evening as it’s like I’ve grown a couple of months in a few hours time.

Size Of Baby:Avocado

How I’m Feeling: I’m so tired this week but I think that’s probably a mixture of a few things. The weather is so hot and humid at the moment. I love the sunshine but the dead heat that comes with it is just unbelievable. The second reason is the kids have me worn out. Up until now they have always been pretty easy , playing really well together and listening to me when I ask them to do something or stop doing something. In the last week this has all gone out the window. They are fighting constantly, not listening to me at all, it’s like I’m invisible and I spent my days shouting at them which I hate and it’s very tiring. The only thing that seems to work is keeping them busy by getting out of the house. Going to the playground, the beach just generally wearing them out which in turn is wearing me out. I was so excited about the summer holidays, the thought’s of having no routine, lazy mornings and not making plans but it’s not panning out like that. Also I seem to be saying “Wait till your daddy get’s home” or “I’m going to call your daddy” alot, which I hate but it seems to work really well so I’m going with it at the moment.Oh wait one one thing-they are waking up at sunrise every morning, Nicole woke up at 4.30am yesterday morning, wtf! It’s normally 6am which I can half cope with if I get a decent nights sleep but 4.30am seriously? I need to get blackout blinds asap.

Cravings: Tayto cheese and onion crisps and ice cold cans of coke. Literally the worst two things I could be eating.I don’t normally eat crisps but I can’t get enough of them right now. A crisp sandwich with fresh Brennan’s bread is my idea of heaven on a plate.Also I have a hankering for egg mayo too, so I’ve been making this most days for my lunch. Wow such a healthy diet!

Sleep: Like a baby because I’m so wrecked. I have noticed though that I’ve been getting up twice now to go to the loo instead of before it was just once.

Exciting Stuff: I felt the baby for the first time on Wednesday. My mum was over in the house and I was printing the boarding cards for her holidays when I felt the baby move for the first time. it wasn’t a kick or anything, it was just that amazing bubbly  fluttery feeling. If I hadn’t felt it before in previous pregnancies I wouldn’t know what it was but I remember it well now. It was so lovely to feel it for the first time. I haven’t felt it much since, once of twice in the evening time when i’m lying in bed but that’s good enough for me.

Until next week,




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