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Beautiful Lavender Farm in Co Wexford & It’s Free!

Wexford Lavender Farm

I have a treat in store for you today. I think I may have found a little piece of heaven, the Lavender Farm in Inch, Co Wexford. This is part of a mini series call ‘Free Places to Visit with Kids’ that we will be continuing as the weeks go on.

Just a short spin down the M11, take exit 21 for Arklow/Inch coming from Dublin, it’s well signposted once you come off the motorway. I stopped off in Londis shop in Inch to get directions and I got the tastiest chocolate brownie I have ever had in my life. I would actually drive back there again just to get another one! Anyway you take the next right after Toss Byrnes pub. It’s a bit of a windy road but before you know if you have reached the destination.

Wexford Lavender Farm Entrance

You drive up a short laneway and reach the carpark. There is plenty of parking spaces with one main carpark and an overflow carpark. I couldn’t believe it when I realised that this place is completely free.There is no admission fee at all, I was extremely impressed.

Wexford Lavender Farm PlaygroundPlayground Wexford Lavender Farm

Playground Wexford lavender Farm

We went straight to the playground. It is a beautiful big area covered in grass with giant hay stacks, tyres for the children to play on, Swings, slides, sandpits and loads more. There is even ducks and baby chickens in an enclosure right beside the playground.

ducks wexford

After about ten minutes we made our way up to the gorgeous Café and Shop as the kids needed to use the loo. You enter a beautiful courtyard with French green and lavender painted furniture and doorways, a lot of thought has gone into this place and you can really tell by all the little touches.

Purple Haze Cafe WexfordCourtyard Wexford Lavender Farm

Wexford Lavender Farm Courtyard

We brought a picnic with us so we just walked through the café and shop ‘The Purple Haze Cafe’ which looked really lovely with fresh cakes and little trinkets to buy. The next time we go back I think we will treat ourselves to lunch.

Wexford Lavender Farm

Purple Haze Cafe Wexford

Out in the courtyard I was delighted to find a little children’s playroom with chalkboards and toys. Such a nice touch. You can also hold your children’s birthday parties here as they have a separate room with tables and chairs. This would be an ideal spot for a kids party.

Wexford Lavender Farm

Wexford Lavender Farm

Next we made our way down to the beautiful lavender fields. We saw a sign for Billy The Bull Ride but unfortunately he was not working today so another excuse to come back again.

Wexford Lavender Farm

Unfortunately the lavender was not in full bloom but we enjoyed it very much regardless.I would say when the lavender does bloom its absolutely breath taking. I’m actually not sure when this happens, if anyone knows i’d be really interested to find out.

Wexford Lavender FarmWexford Lavender Farm

The kids loved running through the lavender and exploring the fields. If you follow the path at the back of the lavender field it brings you down to the Woodland Walks.

Wexford Lavender Farm

You can enjoy some Wexford air and choose from three walks ranging from 45 to 100 minutes.

woodland walks

Unfortunately it’s not suitable for buggies but it would be great for older children who might be used to longer walks .The scenery is astounding and it feels like you are entering into a mystical forest surrounded by vast fields, it’s pretty amazing and very peaceful.

Wexford Lavender Farm l19

We went for a little wander all the same and turned back before the kids got too tired and cranky. We headed back to the lavender field and had our picnic on a little bench.


The kids had so much fun at The Lavender Farm. It’s a beautiful spot to visit and we will be going back soon to have lunch in The Purple Haze Café. I still couldn’t get over the fact that there is no entrance fee, we would have expected there to be some sort of admission fee but were not complaining, it’s so nice to find a hidden gem like this so close to home, another must see place to visit this summer.


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