Summer Crafts

Cotton Bud Painting Summer Craft for Kids

Kids Cotton Bud Painting

This is such a simple craft that you can do with children of all ages, heck I even enjoy doing it myself.

Cotton buds are a great alternative to a paintbrush and fit perfectly into little peoples hands.

I used four plastic bowls from Ikea and squirted out a tiny bit of paint in each one. You don’t need a lot of paint for this craft so only put out a little bit otherwise it will end up being wasted.

Cotton Bud Painting

I placed the four bowls on the table for the kids and put two fresh cotton wool buds sitting in each bowl.

I gave the kids a couple of plain white pieces of paper. They got stuck in straight away and were very excited about using these new paintbrushes.

Cotton Bud Painting

This is a great way to teach children about different patterns and shapes. We had great fun making spotty patterns with different colours, we also did zig zags, a disco lights inspired pattern and large circles with smaller dots inside.

Cotton Bud Painting

Cotton Bud Painting

My two year old and my five year old really enjoyed this craft and painted happily for about 20 minutes.

Cotton Bud Painting

Let your paintings dry and don’t forget there are many ways you can use designs like these so don’t throw them out afterwards.

We used ours to wrap some presents we had for a friends birthday party.

p 2p1

Have fun!




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