Weekly Pregnancy Update

17 Weeks Bump Update-Turnip

17 weeks bump update

17 weeks, wow! Nearly half way there already. This week Stuart was on his holidays so it felt like a holiday for me too as he was there to help out with the kids which was a massive help. I think my belly has grown a lot this week because I was relaxing a lot more and eating all around me too. We have a mobile home in Co Wicklow beside the sea so we spent the week there just chilling out with the kids. The weather wasn’t great  but we did manage a few trips to the beach and nice walks through the fields.

Size of The Baby: A Turnip–Seriously? these comparisons crack me up!

How I’m Feeling: I feel great, lots of energy this week. I think the kids have calmed down a bit since Harry got his Summer Holidays. They were very excited at the start and it was so tiring. They were also constantly fighting and being very demanding in general (more so than usual) Things have deffo calmed a bit so I don’t know myself with all this energy. My clothes are feeling a lot tighter. I’ve started doing the hair bobbin trick on the button of  most of my trousers and jeans to make them last longer before I can no longer wear them. I think I’ll need to go shopping soon to buy some new clothes. I only have one pair of H&M Maternity jeans with the belly band. I find these really comfortable so I think I will have to invest in another pair or two.

Cravings: I’m just so thirty all the time. The only thing that quenches my thirst is fizzy drinks. I found the most delicious Elderflower drink in Lidl that I can’t get enough of but I went back today to get more and they said it’s all gone. Apparently it was only a once off!! Devastated! I have bought Tesco flavoured sparkling water instead,which is really nice and so cheap. I’m trying to stay away from the coke as I had been drinking way too much of it.

Sleep: Still sleeping really well and finally keeping he kids up later is starting to pay off. They are now waking up at 7 instead of 6 or 6.30am. Yes that is a lie on. I will take anything I can get! I’m hoping this will get later and later as the weeks go on. Fingers crossed!

Looking Forward to: I have my first doctors appointment this week. I already had an early dating scan at 8 weeks and I met the midwife for my first appointment/bloods etc.. at about 12 weeks. I’m going public in Holles Street but I’m doing it remotely from my local clinic. I still have to go to the doctor aswell so I’m looking forward to seeing her this week. I hope I get to hear the heartbeat again.

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