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Homemade Irish Chicken Stew

irish chicken stew 5

I love this Homemade Irish Chicken Stew Recipe. It’s my Mum’s recipe and it’s very easy.

I normally make this first thing in the morning and then if we go out in the afternoon, dinner is ready to go by the time we get home.

Not only is this stew really delicious, it fills the whole house with the most gorgeous home cooked smell which reminds me of my mums house when we were kids. My children absolutely love it too. The lick their bowls every time, and I’m always delighted that I got some hearty veg into them with little or no hassle.

Oh, before I forget-It’s very hard to take attractive photos of food especially this type of food unless you are a professional photographer which I’m definitely not. I’ve tried my very best to take nice photos but take my word for it this is way tastier than it looks in these photos.

irish chicken stew 1

What you need:

Chicken (I use an 8 pack of chicken thighs, but you could also use chicken legs or a whole chicken broken up)

Knorr Chicken Stock Pots x 2

1/2 Packet of chicken Soup

Four large Potatoes

Two Carrotts

1 Large Onion.

Salt & Pepper (optional)

Here’s how you make it:

1) Fill a large pot 1/3 full with boiling water and place all the chicken thighs inside.

2) Add one chicken stock pot, one large onion chopped into four and leave to boil for 20-25 minutes.

3) In the meantime peel and chop your potatoes and your carrots.

4) Remove each chicken thigh from the boiling water and using a knife and fork cut off all the chicken from the bone. (This is the part I hate, but i’ll take cooked chicken over raw chicken anyday!)

5) Place all the bit of cooked chicken back into the pot and discard the chicken bones etc..

6) Add the potatoes and carrots and the other chicken stock pot. You may need to add in a small bit more boiling water at this stage, enough to cover the vegetables.

irish chicken stew 3

7) Leave to simmer on a medium heat for 15-20 minutes.

8) Add half a packet of chicken soup to thicken and stir well.

irish chicken stew 4

9) You can add some chopped parsley if you like and season with salt and pepper (optional)

irish chicken stew 5

Enjoy your home cooked hearty meal that all the family will love!

irish chicken stew 7


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