Toddler Crafts

Puffy Paint Craft For Kids-Part 1

puffy paint craft 1

It was lashing rain all day today in Co Wicklow so we decided to do a bit of painting.

My little girl loves painting so I always like to introduce new textures and ideas of things she can paint with.

There are a few different ways of making Puffy Paint. I’ll do another blog post soon about the other way we normally make it too.

For this puffy paint recipe all you need is Shaving Foam and paint. This can be a messy paint for cover your table with an old table cloth or newspaper before you start.

I buy cheap shaving foam in Lidl or Aldi. My daughter is almost two so she’s just past that stage of putting everything into her mouth but just be careful of smaller babies as shaving foam doesn’t taste very nice.

Squirt a very small amount of paint into a painters palette.

puffy paint craft 2

I just got these white ones in Mr Price for €1.99 each, bargain. I visited this shop for the first time last week in Arklow and I nearly died. They have two full aisles of arts and crafts materials. I couldn’t contain myself, it was too much to take in so I decided I will go back another day soon for a craft binge on my own without the kids. I bought these painters palettes as they are very handy for the Craft Birthday parties I do.

Now squirt shaving foam into each colour and mix well.

puffy paint craft 4

We use these cute cat aprons and detachable arm covers for all our arts and crafts from one of my favourite shops Tiger. When I was making my arts and craft book a few months ago Tiger kindly gave me loads of things to use as props in my book including these. We use them most days and they wash really easily.

puffy paint craft 8

You can draw shapes with markers on plain pieces of paper for the kids to paint or just let them paint freely. It’s a huge novelty painting with this puffy paint and they love it.

puffy paint craft 9puffy paint craft 10


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