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18 Weeks Bump Update-Bell Pepper

18 weeks pregnant Collage

This post is a little bit late this week, I’ve been really lazy and I’m only getting around to doing it now. We are living in our Summer Mobile home in Co Wicklow at the moment (i’ll tell you more about that again) so life is moving in slow motion down here-which is great, the hours and days just fly by and I’m very relaxed, maybe a little too relaxed!!

Size of The Baby: A Bell Pepper

How I’m Feeling: I was feeling a bit pasty and just yucky in general, so I lashed out the cocoa brown fake tan (my favourite) and covered myself from head to toe in it (not a great look especially when you are living in a mobile home). Normally I put it on at night time but I used the one hour tan and put it on in the morning instead I feel much better now, it’s amazing the pick me up it can give you. My skin on my face is still awful, I have these weird red blotchy spots under the skin, I’ve never had them before. My normal Loreal True Match daytime foundation is not covering them so I have been using my Estee Lauder Double wear Light during the day which takes a bit of getting use to as it’s a lot heavier but much better coverage. I have started having a little nap every day. My almost two year old normally goes for a nap around 12 so I’ve been joining her and it makes such a difference to my day, even just half an hour.

Cravings:  Still craving everything fizzy but I’m trying to drink more water. I have to stop eating chocolate in the evening. Every time someone visits us they bring tons of treats and I end up eating them so I’m going to try my very best to cut this out (or down)

Sleep: I have started getting restless legs at night time. I had this on the last two pregnancies but not this early. It’s so uncomfortable and is really affecting my sleep. I seem to be really comfortable on my back but I know this is not a great sleeping position for the baby so trying to sleep on my side. Constantly turing from side to side all night long. I need to get some calcium/potassium  tablets as I think this is what helps. If you have any other recommendations I’d love to hear them.

Looking Forward to: I was supposed to book a doctors appointment this week but I was very bold and never got around to it. I’ve booked one for next week now so I’m looking forward to that.

Until next week,




2 thoughts on “18 Weeks Bump Update-Bell Pepper

    1. Thanks Louise, I have been eating bananas (potassium) before bed and that seems to be working. It’s so uncomfortable I hope it doesn’t come back soon. What worked for you?


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