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Simple Sticking Activity For An Almost Two Year Old

Simple Sticking Activity for an almost two year old

My favourite craft activities for toddlers are always the most simple ones. We are on holidays at the moment so we have limited craft supplies with us here. My little girl is so full of energy and she never stops all day long so I try and do one activity with her most mornings especially when it’s raining as we are stuck inside.

All you need for this activity is..

Old magazines or a kids toy catalogue (Smyths/Argos)

PVA Glue



Plain White Paper

Small plastic Ikea Bowls

I use these cute place mats that I got in Tiger to protect the table and contain the mess.

simple sticking activity 2

Rip up a few sheets from an old magazines into little squares. If your child is older you could spend a little bit more time doing this and cut out certain pictures of toys or animals etc.. that they like. I only have a small window of time with my little girl so I have to move fast. I always set everything up at the table for her before I ask her to sit up, otherwise the novelty wears out very fast and she loses patience.

In another bowl mix together two parts pva glue one part water.

Get a piece of A4 white paper and fold it in half.

Show your child how to do it. Pick up a square of magazine from the bowl and paint a small bit of pva water paste onto it and stick it onto the white page. They will then copy you.

It can get a bit sticky and messy when they start using their hands instead of the paintbrush so have the wipes on standby.

Have fun making a collage, it probably won’t be a work of art but your little one will love this fun activity.

simple sticking craft


4 thoughts on “Simple Sticking Activity For An Almost Two Year Old

  1. Ooh I absolutely love this idea. Think my fella might be a little too young at 16 months but definitely keeping this one for a rainy day in the next few months – there are many rainy days in Cork! Glad yours enjoyed it!


    1. Thanks a million. It really is such a simple idea but the little ones love it. My little girl is two next month and she’s about the right age for it, before now I think she might have just tried to eat the glue. Speaking of rain, it’s lashing here now!;)

      Liked by 1 person

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