Weekly Pregnancy Update

19 Weeks Bump Update-Mango

19 weeks bump update

The weeks are flying by, I cannot believe I am almost half way there. The weather has been shite but I’m refusing to put away the Summer sandals. Sunday was lashing rain, it was like the middle of Winter, I even put the heat on! It’s almost August people!!! What’s going on!

Size of The Baby: A Mango-Yummy!

How I’m Feeling: I feel a lot better this week. My skin has improved, thank god as I looked a fright with no makeup on. I have been drinking so much water so this seems to be working. Don’t get me wrong my skin is still in bits, but it’s a lot better than it was. I went for my first doctor’s appointment yesterday. I know you might be thinking..hello you are 19 weeks how are you only going for your first appointment now? Well I didn’t bother going to the doctor to confirm my pregnancy at the beginning. I paid for a private scan in The Bray Medical Centre around 10 weeks.So that for me was good enough confirmation. I then had a midwife appointment at around 12 weeks. I am doing combined care.  I was told to go to doctor at 18 weeks and then my next appointment will be with my consultant at 25 weeks. In between then and now I have my Big scan in Holles Street. My doctors appointment went really well yesterday. It’s a doctor I used to go to years ago when I was pregnant with Harry and she has now opened her own practice. She is beyond lovely. I was in their with her for half an hour and I’m so happy I made the choice to go with her.

Cravings:  I’ve been eating a lot of Avocados, especially at breakfast time. They are my new breakfast crush. Avocados with poached eggs and streaky bacon…say no more!!

Sleep: Sleeping a lot better this week. Feeling so much movement now in the evening time which is amazing. Especially when I lie down at first at night time, it’s so lovely! The restless legs isn’t as bad as it was last week so that’s helping a lot too!

Looking Forward to: I am so looking forward to my big scan. It’s in two weeks time. Someone told me the scanning department in Holles Street has been all done up-Is this true? I’m so excited. A lot of people have been asking us if we are going to find out the sex this time. We didn’t find out the last two times and we won’t be this time. I think it is the most amazing surprise you can ever get. I understand why people do find out. I think maybe if I already had two boys or two girls I probably would find out but we have one of each already so it really doesn’t matter. As long as the baby is healthy isn’t that what people say!

Until next week,




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