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Adventures in Kilmacurragh, and it’s Free!!!

Kilmacurragh GardensWe have been taking every opportunity this Summer to get outside and go exploring all the wonderful things there are to see right on our door step here in Co Wicklow and beyond. This is part of a mini series call ‘Free Places to Visit with Kids’ that we will be continuing as the weeks go on.

One of our favourite places to go visit all year round is the beautiful Kilmacurragh.

Kilmacurragh Gardens 11

It is most famous for it’s colourful Rhodedendrons Trees and we would often drive up here especially to see them in full bloom. It’s too late in the season for them now so I don’t have a picture of them to show you but the best time to visit to see them is in April or May.

Kilmacurragh Gardens 9

Kilmacurragh It is a great place to go spend a few hours with or without children. You can bring a picnic and spend an hour or two wandering through the beautiful estate. Did I mention it is completely free?  It is fairly unknown but it is now managed by The National Botanic gardens and they recently opened a gorgeous café called Actons Tearooms.

We funnily enough stumbled upon the opening of the tearooms a few months ago when President Michael D Higgins made an appearance and the kids got to meet him. In fairness they hadn’t a clue who he was so I was trying to explain it but they were so busy scoffing the free scones the tearooms were giving out on the day to pay much attention. We still managed to get a picture with the man himself. That’s my Mum, she just grabbed him for the photo op. He was very nice and it was such an honour to get to meet him. I’m a big fan.

Kilmacurragh Gardens

Here’s one of Harry having an awl chinwag with Micky D while eating his scone.

Michael D Higgins Kilmacurragh

Anyway back to the details. It is located on the Dublin to Wicklow road, as if you were driving to Brittas Bay. It’s just off the N11 at The Tap Café. I’m not sure of the number of the exit as the new road has just opened but check out the directions on the website here .The entrance can easily missed, in fact I drove straight past it the other day even though I’ve been there loads of times before.

There is a large carpark and toilet facilities in the carpark. When you enter the estate you will see the picnic area right infront of a ginormous tree. The kids loved hiding inside it and I sat down for a few minutes peace while the hid.

Kilmacurragh Gardens 7 Kilmacurragh Gardens 8

We played here for a while and then we went for a walk through the trees and down to the pond.

Kilmacurragh Gardens 3We found this cool tree that’s carved into the shape of a dinosaur RAWR!!!

Kilmacurragh Gardens 4

Kilmacurragh Gardens 13It is such a peaceful place to walk around and there is lots of exploring to do.

Kilmacurragh Gardens 6

Kilmacurragh Gardens 5

The trees, plants and flowers here are so unusual and you can read all about them on the little signs dotted throughout the place.

Kilmacurragh Gardens

We popped into the Actons Tearooms afterwards and got some coffees and a delicious slice of lemon drizzle cake and it’s was the perfect end to a lovely afternoon.

A must see place to visit before the Summer holiday’s are over.


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