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Week 22 Bump Update & Big Scan

week 22 bump update

I took a break from doing my weekly bump update for the last two weeks as to be honest there wasn’t much going on with bump and I was also on holidays for a week so It was nice to switch off from the computer for a little while. I’m back now with a bang! 22 weeks and three days today. I had my big scan yesterday in Holles Street. I had originally been given an appointment for last week but as I was on holidays I changed it to this week. I was way more nervous this time going for my big scan. On baby number one and two I never really thought too much about the possibilities of anything being wrong with the baby etc.. but this time around I was really worried about it. I suppose I feel a little bit like I am tempting fate having a third baby after having two healthy ones. Apparently this is quite common on third babies to feel like this.

Myself, Stu and Harry headed into town yesterday morning for the big event. I thought it would be really nice to bring Harry as he’s old enough now (5) to completely understand what’s going on so I knew he would really enjoy it.

We were running about ten minutes late, but when we arrived we were brought straight into the scanning room. The Holles Street fetal assessment unit has had a huge refurbishment since I was last there, it’s brand spanking new and really impressive. Big plasma screens on the wall and all, very fancy altogether. There was two ladies doing the scan, I think one was in training, they were both so lovely and welcoming and made a huge fuss of Harry.

We were delighted to find out that everything is ok with the baby, he/she has ten fingers and toes and all the measurements are correct for my dates. They asked us did we want to find out the sex and we said no. I actually wasn’t even tempted, I love the surprise, it’s my favourite part.

Overall it went really well, such a relief. I promised Harry we would get a Hot chocolate afterwards to celebrate. I think this was his favourite part!!

Ali and Harry Holles Street

Now back to the normal weekly stuff

Size of The Baby: A Papaya- A what now?

How I’m Feeling: The sun is back and is shinning through the crack in the curtains most morning and I have to say it makes such a big difference getting up in the morning. I feel like I have been re-energised and have way more get up and go than I had a few weeks ago. I normally do a million and one things in the morning time and then by the time Nicole goes for a nap (could be anytime between 11-1) I’m knackered again. I don’t mind that too much though as I can take a break then and just chill out while she’s asleep. We had Nicole’s 2nd Birthday last week (more about that later) and my god did she milk it. We had about three different parties for her and she was in her element. can’t believe my little baby is two, although she’s not so little anymore. Feeling loads of movement at the moment especially in the evening time or if I drink something really cold or really hot.

Cravings:  Not craving too much. Still very thirsty and drinking lots of fizzy flavoured waters. I also found this amazing Strawberry & Rhubarb Presse drink in Aldi..oh my god, it’s to die for..must go back and get some more.

Sleep: Sleeping a lot better this week. Feeling so much movement now in the evening time which is amazing. Especially when I lie down at first at night time, it’s so lovely! The restless legs isn’t as bad as it was last week so that’s helping a lot too!

Looking Forward to: I have an appointment in a few weeks time with the consultant. I’ve never had a consultant before on my previous pregnancies as I was with the Domino Midwives so it will be really strange going to meet a man for an appointment/ a consultant. The main reason I need to meet him is to get ‘signed off’ for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). I need to do a lot more research on the subject and I’m also going to do a VBAC workshop too but I think my odds are pretty good because I have already had a vaginal natural birth first time round. The only reason I had a C-section second time round with Nicole was because she was breech, so all going well (fingers, toes and everything else crossed) that’s my plan. But who knows, judging from my last experience there is only so much you can plan with these things, sometimes you have to go with what’s meant to be but I will do everything I possibly can to try for one.

Until next week,




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