Back To School Crafts

Back To School Crafts-Make A Photo Frame

First Day Of School DIY Frame

This Summer has just flown by and I cannot believe that here is only two more weeks left of the Summer Holidays with the kids. Seriously I need to get my sh*t organised with uniforms and books etc..

The first day of school is always such an emotional day seeing your child grow up in front of your eyes.

I made this frame last year when my son started primary school as a way of recording a memory of his first day of school every year. I know it looks like a lot of effort especially if you are not particularly into crafts but it’s so worth it when you look back at the photos and there will be no guessing as to what year it was or age your child was when it was taken.

It’s really easy to make using things that you probably already have around the house and it’s a nice tradition to start that costs hardly nothing.

You Need:

1 x Old Picture Frame (big enough to frame your child’s face)

Spray Paint/Paint

Coloured Card

Paint Brush



First Day Of School Frame 2

How To Make It:

  • Find an old frame and spray paint it in whatever colour you like. Make sure you spray paint outdoors or in a well ventilated area or you will be buzzing!! Not a good look at the school gates ;). If you don’t have spray paint use any household paint-The mini tester pots that you might have lying around from DIY decisions work really well.
  • Leave your frame to dry and then give it another coat.
  • Think about what words you would like to stick on your frame bearing in mind the size of your frame and what you can fit in that space. You can print off letters from the internet and use these as a stencil or just draw them freehand onto your frame craft
  • I used tracing paper to trace the letters I choose and then cut the letters directly on the coloured card. I also cut out a star shape. You can get as creative as you like with your words and shapes.

School Photobooth frame

  • Position your letters and glue them in place using pritt stick or a paintbrush and glue.

School picture frame

  • Now the fun part! Snap away with your phone/camera to record memories that will last forever. You could also make a collage or photo book over the years of all the first day of school pictures. You can change the coloured card to update the year of the school every year.

First Day Of School DIY Frame


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