How To Survive Being Pregnant With A Very Active Two Year Old

Like Butter Wouldn’t Melt

My Daughter just turned two and anyone that has ever met her before has said things like ‘god she’s a wild one’ or ‘if she’s like that now, what will she be like when she’s older’ or ‘how does she run so fast’ ‘She’s into everything isn’t she’. They are right she is an absolute lunatic and I love her to bits but she is hard work. We were blessed with Harry our five year old. He was one of those babies/toddlers that didn’t really explore much, we never needed to put locks on the fridge/toilet etc.. with him. He never really climbed on anything he shouldn’t have or ate cleaning products from under the sink. Nicole is a different child altogether, if there is trouble, she will find it. I have to say as much as I find it hard to run around after her constantly I secretly love her rebellious curious nature and I think it’s great that she has her own little personality and wild streak.

I have to admit though I am finding it more challenging being pregnant trying to watch her every move. As much as I love being pregnant, the bigger my belly is getting, the harder it is for me to run around after her (she’s so fast) and sometimes I drive around in the car just to get her asleep so I can have a break (I think everyone has done this at some point!)

I was thinking about what I would tell someone else who was newly pregnant that also has a toddler and here goes…

Take A Break or A Nap: When you have a baby everyone tells you to sleep when your baby sleeps well now I’m going for daily naps when my toddler naps. I literally couldn’t survive the day without it. She wakes up around 6.30am everyday and never stops. By 11/12am I am ready for bed. I was fighting it for a while as It is also a good time to get stuff done around the house but I’ve had to relax a bit about the washing etc.. and just go with it. Best thing I ever did. I could get used to these daily naps!

Getting Help: Take any help you can get. I’m lucky to have my mum close by and she is great at helping me out and I don’t think i’d survive without her. If you have a friend, family member or a neighbour that offers to help out to give you a break even for an hour, take it. It will do you the world of good.

Try and Escape: This sounds awful but try and get out of the house in the evening at least once or twice a week on your own to go for a walk with a friend or go to the cinema or just sit in your car on your own eating chips (only joking). Any time away from the house and your toddler/other kids will help clear your mind and is badly needed after a long day.

Exercise: Ok let’s be honest. I haven’t done a tap of proper exercise since I’ve been pregnant but I’m talking about exercise for your toddler. Exercise=Worn out tired toddler=Bed early=Happy Mum. Go to the beach and let them run around for a while and tire them out. The playground is good too or if the weather is shite then a local play centre will also work!

Relax: I’m not gonna lie, I like to keep a functioning house. If the house is not functioning, them I’m not. I think when your pregnant with a toddler you need to lower your standards a little bit. Take the pressure off. The washing is not going anywhere. There’s always going to be washing and you need to just relax a little bit. I find if you hide the washing it’s not as stressful to look at. Throw a big towel over it, that always works!


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