Weekly Pregnancy Update

Week 23 Bump Update-Grapefruit

23 weeks pregnant

I’m the hungriest pregnant women ever this week.

Anyone who knows me knows I normally have a pretty healthy appetitive at the best of times. I’d never say no to an awl sandwich or a wedge of cake. This pregnancy however the hunger has been taken to the next level. I am seriously a bottomless pit. My friend came to stay with me last night in our holiday home and I made a lovely dinner of chicken tikka, boiled potatoes and salad. We scoffed all that, then we had a cheesecake pot thingy from Lidl (delicious btw), then I had a few biscuits with a cuppa tea. Afterwards she disappeared for about 5/10 minutes to put her little man to bed and I made a good dent in a large packet of cheesy puffs (how have I never had these before? A-mazing!). After all that I still wasn’t full. Seriously this is not normal. BTW earlier that day after doing a shop with the kids, I ate three, yes three fresh jam donuts on the drive home. If anyone saw me!  Maybe the baby’s just growing this week a lot as I do feel a lot bigger now in the last week (probably all the donuts). There’s only one week left until Harry goes back to school so I’m going to make a conscious decision to cut out all (most) of the crap and try and eat a lot healthier from this day forward as otherwise I will be the size of a house come 40/42 weeks.

Size Of Baby: Grapefruit

How I’m Feeling: Already things are getting trickier to do. I’m finding it a lot harder to put my shoes and socks on-already! I think the fact that it’s baby number three has a lot to do with it as I was a lot more flexible at this stage on the other two. When I get out of the shower my towel already is hardly stretching the full way around my belly. Getting the kids dressed in the mornings is a lot more of an effort too. Harry’s grand because he can dress himself but Nicole is the ultimate wriggler and you need so much energy to get the clothes on her so that’s definitely a challenge (pain in the ass). I’m looking forward to starting my pregnancy yoga, I’m going to book it soon as I loved doing it the last two pregnancies and it’s a lovely way of having some time to yourself in the evenings meeting some other pregnant mums and totally relaxing.

Cravings: All the cravings have eased off now. Not really craving anything in particular anymore. Still pretty thirsty all the time, so anything fizzy works.

Sleep: Not sleeping as well as I was at all. The baby seems to be very active in the evenings, almost waking up just as I’m going to bed and kicking me very low down all the time. Tossing and turning a lot and finding it hard to get cosy. Also waking a lot more to go to the loo.

Other Stuff: Trying to think of names this time around is so much harder. We already have a boys name picked but finding it hard to think of any girls name that we like. Reading lots of magazines for inspiration and keeping my ears peeled when out and about. Hope we find something we like soon. It’s harder on number three as not only do you need to find a name you both like and that goes with your second name, it also has to go with the other kids names. So you think of a name you like and then you call out all the kids names together and it just doesn’t work so your back to square one again!

Looking forward to: I got a lovely surprise of a free Guinot Facial in the post last week from Mummypages so I’m going to try and book asap. Such a treat, can’t remember the last time I was on my own for an hour never mind someone rubbing my face with nice creams etc..bliss

Until next week,




29 thoughts on “Week 23 Bump Update-Grapefruit

  1. I was a hungry mumm-to-be too. Salt n vinegar crisps kept me happy, particularly french fries as they were like 70cal a bag and you got loads ha! Aahh that towel stretch getting out of the shower is a milestone isn’t it?

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  2. Picking a name is the hardest but best part I think. I always knew what I was going to call Stacey, but I had no ideas for boys names. Luckily, when Nathan was messing about saying ‘Shall we call him Vincent, or Andrew or Victor’ he came out with ‘Oscar’ and we both loved it 🙂

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

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  3. It is so hard to think of a name! There are so many out there but tricky to find the right one. I’d love a name one day then hate it the next. I hope you can get more sleep soon x

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  4. How exciting! I’m 32 weeks and practically bed bound now But yes the sleep and getting the socks on have to be up there! Hope you manage to get some rest soon!

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  5. Awww you’re making me miss my pregnancy so much haha! Good luck with your name search, our boy name was easier as went with family tradition, I was also such for a girl. Our first born is Tia so I wanted one that went well with that x

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  6. Yay for facials!!! I sympathise with the hunger, when pregnant I eat us out of house and home!!! Interesting you have a boys name but not girls, I always have the opposite problem…yet typically have never had a girl! x

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