Giveaway-The National Concert Hall Dublin Carnival of Animals Family Ticket

Carnival-of-the-Animals National Concert Hall

Ever since I was little, every year at Christmas we would go to see my granny sing in the Dublin County Choir in The National Concert hall. I always looked forward to that day out with my brother and all of my cousins. We would get all dressed up in our best Christmas outfits and it was a major treat to go into town in the evening time. I remember all the sparkly Christmas lights and we felt like it was a very special occasion. The Billy Barry kids used to perform in the same concert and it was a highlight for sure. Although there is maybe a 100 people or more in The Dublin County Choir, we always thought everyone was there to see our granny and she was singing directly to us.

There is something magical about the National Concert Hall. A large auditorium that holds 1,200 people, the beautiful big organ set as a background to the stage, the wooden seats that are perfectly arranged in a semicircle that surrounds the stage. Although it’s very modern, there is a bit of an oldie worldly feel about the place. From the minute you enter the foyer, the box office, the ushers, the cloakroom and winding staircase, there’s just something special about the place. And it’s very clean, I always remember that, you would never ever see any rubbish on the floor etc.. the place is spotless.

I hadn’t been for years until recently I brought my son Harry to see The Gruffalo with a live Orchestra, it was amazing, I have never seen him so glued to his chair. I’m delighted that I can now bring my own children there to experience what I experienced growing up.

I was reading the Sunday Paper recently and saw a full page advertisement of The Back To School events coming up in the National Concert Hall for children.

Back To School At The National Concert Hall

There are so many great events coming up in the calendar for children/schools to attend. Some of the workshops are free but you have to book in advance including the Gamelon & Percussion Workshops taking place from September onwards. They have an event called ‘Afrikaa’ on Saturday the 3rd of October that is for children with autism spectrum conditions. They have a Bring Along A baby friendly concert on Tuesday the 17th of November, tickets are €13 for adults and kids go free.

For primary schools they offer music & science workshops for €8 a child. They also have open rehearsals with The National Symphony Orchestra that you can also attend for Free but advance booking is essential.

One event that I’m definitely going to bring the kids to is the Children’s Halloween Special ‘Little Demons’ which takes place on Saturday 31st of October at 11.30am. What a great way to celebrate Halloween this year. Ticket’s are €12.50 each or family tickets (family of four with at least one child) are €44.

For more information on all of the upcoming events or to book tickets go to the website

Now For The Giveaway

The National Concert Hall have kindly given me a Family Ticket (family of four with at least one child) worth €37 to one of the upcoming events.

The Carnival Of The Animals with the Whistleblast Quartet taking place on Saturday the 10th of October at 1.30pm in the Engineering Library.

Sit back, close your eyes and be transported to the magic of the animal kingdom. Hear the cuckoos call, dance with the prancing kangaroos or take things slow with the tortoise.

Performing excerpts from this much loved masterpiece by French composer, Camille Saint Saëns, the WhistleBlast Quartet will immerse you in this animal themed, fun-filled Interactive Concert.

The show will also include music by Berio, Bach and Bizet.

Suitable for 4-12 year olds and their families.

To be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize all you have to do is

Like my Heyali Facebook Page & Tag three friends on the post on facebook that you think would like to win this prize

Best of Luck, the winner will be announced this Sunday the 30th of August at 9pm




31 thoughts on “Giveaway-The National Concert Hall Dublin Carnival of Animals Family Ticket

    1. Aw Pity Sarah, but thanks for sharing with your friend. The Gruffalo was such a good experience, so nice to go to something different too instead of the cinema to see a movie


  1. Ooh, that looks like a fab prize but again Cork based like Eimear so I’m going to have to pass. One day fun things like that will happen down here! Going to keep an eye on their schedule, I may have to try trek up with the tiny man for something good yet!


  2. That concert sounds fantastic! I think it’s so great to get kiddies introduced to the theatre & live shows at a young age. Lovely post & giveaway x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ive being once to the national concert hall and it does just have that feeling of class and perfection i look forward one day to bringing my kids, was lovely to read your post love the part that everyone was there to see your nana so sweet x

    Liked by 1 person

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