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Penneys Homeware Favourite Things August

Penney’s (Primark) Home ware has been getting better and better every month. I love being able to constantly update different places & rooms around the house as the seasons change and it’s great to be able to do it on a budget too.

If you are like me I get just as excited about cushions and home ware as I do about a pair of shoes or a nice dress. I have a serious passion for interiors and I hope someday I will have more money to be able to properly do up my house the way I’d like too. In the meantime you can do little bits here and there on a budget.

penneys dundrum filler

I popped into Penney’s in Dundrum Town Centre the other day as I was having withdrawal symptoms being in Wicklow for the Summer. Why is there no Penney’s in Wicklow/Arklow?

Here are my top favourite things this week

1) Funky LED Lights– This cool LED lights are battery operated and would sit nicely on a shelf or you could hang them on the wall. The Love sign and the Ampersand sign would also be lovely for a wedding. I couldn’t resist the red arrow sign, just have to find somewhere to put it now!

Battery Operated LED Lights Penneys

2) 2PK Of Wire Baskets (Light blue & Orange)- I love these retro wire baskets, they would be lovely in a home office or study. Would make a great letter tray for post.penneys wire basket3) Tea light Holder-  I know it’s almost the end of Summer, but I can never say no to a pretty tea light holder.

This one is really nice as the tea light hangs down on the inside of the jar. For €2 how could you go wrong!penneys tea light holder

4) White Love Cushions- These snow white cushions would be gorgeous on a bed or on an armchair in your house. A lovely present too for anyone moving into a new home.

penneys white love cushions

5) Giant Pegs- I have a few of giant pegs like these that I bought a few years ago in Tiger and they are so handy. I super glued them to my kitchen wall and I hang tea towels from them. These pegs would also be handy to hang children’s artwork from in the kitchen or bedroom too.

giant pegs penneys

6) ‘This Week’ Blackboard Sign- The blackboard trend has been around for quite a while now and I am a little bit over it but I thought this sign was quite nice. Handy for any mums with back to school around the corner or just anyone that needs to quickly jot down what’s on for the week. It has a nice little burlap string handle so you can hang it on the wall.

penneys sign

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed reading my favourite things!




31 thoughts on “Penneys Homeware Favourite Things August

  1. Love your choices – I’m looking forward to having a bit of a spending spree in Penneys when we get our new place to make it our home, some of the accessories and signs in there are incredible! We’ve got a sign in the kitchen already that says “When life hands you lemons, Grab the Tequila” – a moral code to live by – that we got in there a few months ago. Also recommend the salted caramel candle, it is divine!

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    1. Ooh salted carmel candle sounds so yummy, I will get one next time i’m there. Oh that’s so exciting, Penneys have really upped there game recently with all of the prints. I love those signs too, have a few of them scattered around the house. Total bargains too!!

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    1. haha me too it’s addictive!! I get all excited when I go in there. the worst is when you get to the till (after a long queue) and spot something in someone elses bag basket that you didn’t see #penneysenvy

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  2. Those pegs are the business what a great idea to stick them to the walls! Primark are blowing it out of the water lately with their home wares, we’re in the process of house buying to I can’t wait to get in somewhere and go interior mad!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I can’t wait to start interior shopping, I won’t start yet in case I jinx something but those bits from penny’s would be ideal, they’re kind of retro and the house we’re hoping for is an old farm house! Fingers crossed!!

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