Summer Crafts

Summer Memory Frame Kids Craft

What you need:

Ice Cream Sticks

Craft Glue

White Card



Craft Diamonds & Buttons

Pipe Cleaner

Craft Beads


How To Make It:

-Glue 11 Ice Cream Sticks to a piece of white card vertically to make a square shape.

Lolly Frame Craft-Then glue four sticks to each side of the square to make the frame.Leave to dry.

Lolly Frame Craft 2-Once dry, cut out the frame from the card.

Lolly Frame Craft 3

-Paint in the colour of your choice and leave to dry.

Lolly Frame Craft 4

-Decorate with craft diamonds and buttons.

Lolly Frame Craft 5

Lolly Frame 6

-Get one pipe cleaner and thread craft beads along it and glue it to the back of the frame on either side.

Lolly Frame Craft 7

-Place a Summer Holiday photograph of your choice inside the frame.

Lolly Frame 9


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