Weekly Pregnancy Update

Week 25 Bump Update-Cauliflower

25 weeks pregnancy update

I think I missed a week there, woops! It’s been a bit of a crazy week. It was Stu’s birthday on Monday and then Harry went back to school on Tuesday (Senior infants), we celebrated our forth wedding anniversary on Wednesday and I’m just trying to get back to normal after a great summer. I suppose it takes a while to get back into some sort of a routine. The bright evenings are not helping with trying to convince the kids that it’s bed time at 8 o’clock every night. During the summer we were really lax about bedtimes and the kids would go to bed at 9.30-10 or just fall asleep on the couch or in our bed. Seemed like a great idea at the time but now I’m regretting it. Why is it still bright mummy? I don’t want to go to bed until its dark!

Size Of Baby: A Cauliflower?

How I’m Feeling: Feel like I’ve been injected with a huge energy boost this week. I’m in an weird energy overdrive. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was this motivated during this pregnancy. Is this normal? Think it’s definitely a mixture of being at a nice stage in the pregnancy and  also it being the beginning of September and the end of Summer. I am back into my normal weekly routine, my children’s craft party business is starting to get really busy again and I just got my first full draft of my kids arts and craft book “Get Crafty” from the publisher (Mercier Press) which is very exciting and surreal all at the same time. The book won’t be released until next March but I’m so excited to see things moving along and the next step after this is it’s off to be printed!

Cravings: Weirdly enough my can of ice cold coke addiction is back. I have a serious thirst and nothing else is doing the job. There have been a few late night trips to the local petrol station to grab an extra ice cold can. I think I should just bite the bullet and buy a 6 no 12 pack and keep it at home! I know it’s SO bad for me but it’s my little treat at the moment. We went for a gorgeous Indian meal for our wedding anniversary on Wednesday night in a restaurant called Chakra in Greystones. It is our favourite Indian restaurant, the food is out of this world. It’s all I can think about now. Like non stop. Also eating oranges again like they are going out of fashion.

Sleep: Surprisingly sleeping pretty well. I got this new pregnancy pillow which is working wonders (Dreamgenni)-I will tell you more about that again as I have a giveaway to do soon.Waking up every morning at 5am on the button. Then I normally end up on my phone for about 40 minutes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (Just checking in, in case I’ve missed something overnight. I have a problem, I know!) and then I’m knackered again so I decide to try go back to sleep. The minute I close my eyes all I hear is Maaaaameeeee. Why do I never learn?

Other Stuff: Finally we picked our names. We have decided on two names one boy and one girl name and I feel so relieved. The pressure is off. I hate the feeling of not knowing what names so I’m delighted we are both happy with the two picked. They are two totally new names that were not on any of our lists before so it’s very exciting!

Looking forward to: I called into my friend yesterday and she is due her second baby in a few weeks time. I’m so excited for her and that we are having babies at the same time again. I actually met her in a pregnancy yoga class five years ago and we have been friends ever since.I saw her gorgeous nursery that she had newly decorated (she know’s what she’s having) and I just got this rush of excitement and it made it all seem so real, seeing the little empty cot and moses basket, the little baby grows etc..-even though it’s not mine. I think sometimes, especially on your second or third pregnancy you don’t have as much time to think or money to plan and go buy new things etc.. so I kinda forgot about all of that exciting stuff that is yet to come.

Until next week,




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