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Easy Shaving Foam Halloween Art for Babies

This is a fantastic simple art activity for the babies & toddlers. Shaving foam is a perfect for sensory play and you can use it on it’s own or add in some paint to change the colour easily. My little girl loves playing with shaving foam. if you are uneasy about the mess, why not sit your little one in the empty bath and let them play away.

What you need:

Shaving Foam

Black Card


Orange paint


How To Make It:

1) Use the chalk to draw a ghost/pumpkin or any other Halloween shapes you like onto black card.

Shaving Foam Halloween Art

2) Squirt some shaving foam into a small bowl and place the paintbrush beside it. You can add a few drops of paint and mix it together for the pumpkin drawing.

Shaving Foam Halloween Art 5

3) Your baby or toddler can paint away making lots of messy fun and some gorgeous Halloween art.

Shaving Foam Halloween Art for babies

Shaving Foam Halloween Ghosts

shaving foam art

This craft was recently featured in my Arts & Crafts Column in The Irish Independent’s ‘Mothers and Babies’ Magazine. Check it our below

Irish Independents Mothers and Babies MagazineMothers and Babies Arts and Crafts Halloween


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