Halloween Crafts

Halloween Witches Hat Bowling Game

I love making simple crafts that the kids can also play with afterwards. It’s more fun for the kids and it takes twice as long! You wouldn’t believe how long my two kids played with this game, they absolutely loved it and it didn’t cost a thing to make.

Witches Hat Bowling Game

What you need:

Empty Egg Cartons

Black/White Paint Paint



A small ball or an orange works too


Cut up your egg carton, keeping the centre pointy parts and get rid of all the other bits. Make sure the base of each one is pretty level so that they will sit up nicely when you stand them up on the table/floor.

Witches Hat Bowling  Game

I used two empty 12 pack of eggs which gave me ten witches hats in total

Halloween Witches Hat Bowling

Paint the pointy parts in black and leave to dry.

Halloween Witches Hat Bowling 4

Decorate your witches hats with ribbon and you can paint/write numbers on them or use some stick on craft numbers like I did. The kids will enjoy sticking on the numbers too.

Craft Numbers

Witches Hat Bowling 6Witches Hat Bowling 7

Line the witches hats up like a game of bowling and take turns to try bowl them over. We didn’t have a ball so we used an orange and it worked just as good! We played a game where each person gets to have take tries each and we kept the score by adding up how many hats were knocked over each time.

Witches Hat Bowling Game Halloween Craft

Witches Hat Bowling 12

Witches Hat Bowling 13Witches Hat Bowling 10

Halloween Witches Hat Bowling Master


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