Weekly Pregnancy Update

Week 30 Bump Update- Cabbage

30 weeks pregnant update

I have been so quiet lately on the blog, just been really busy and the weeks are flying by, cannot believe i’m 30 weeks now already. I always think once you hit 30 weeks the rest flies by! The countdown is on now and I’m starting to get really excited.

Size Of Baby: Cabbage

How I’m Feeling: Let’s just say I’m feeling pretty emotional and hormonal this week. Really don’t remember being this way on that other two pregnancies. Literally anything can set me off- an ad on the TV, a post on Facebook, an old man walking down the street on his own. Seriously it’s uncontrollable, lots of tears but in a good way (if that’s possible). Nothing better than a good cry I say! You always feel better for it. Other than that, I’m just slow. Brought the kids to Marley Park on Sunday on my own and I think I underestimated the distance from the car park to the playground. I forgot that there is a car park at the playground doh! So it took us a good while with 1 bike and 1 scooter and 1 bag for the picnic and jackets and bump etc.. Nicole hands down refused to walk once we got half way there so I had to unsuccessfully try and carry her (bad idea) and her scooter and the bag and her coat which she refused to wear. It wasn’t working so then I had to bribe Harry that if he let her go on his bike I’d buy him a chocolate crepe at the market afterwards. We made it eventually but I was totally wrecked afterwards. The chocolate and banana crepe was a good reward anyway..for me!

Cravings: I don’t normally like Chinese food but the other night I got this crazy craving for chicken balls and curry sauce (random) so Stu kindly went and got them for me. And a can of coke, it’s not the same without it!! Loving my Greek yogurt at the moment too. With some fruit, honey and a digestive biscuit sprinkled over the top, yummy!

Sleep: Not sleeping great at all. Find it easy to fall asleep but then wake up every few hours to go to the loo and I can never go back to sleep. Probably my own fault as I look at my phone to see what time it is and then start wandering online looking at random stuff. Also can’t get comfortable, tossing and turning. It’s so boring sleeping on your side. I miss sleeping on my tummy so badly. Only ten more weeks to go!

Other Stuff: My little girl Nicole who’s 2 has started to show a massive interest in babies when we are out and about. It’s so weird as she has never really paid much notice to babies before but all of a sudden she’s all about it. The other day in the playground I had to peel her off a new born as she was smothering the poor little thing and the mother was being so nice but I somehow doubt she was too happy about Nicole trying to climb into the car seat. It’s funny as it’s not like I’ve been talking to her much about the baby so I think she’s just picking up on it herself which is amazing. She has started saying ‘I’m going to be a big sister’ which is beyond cute and also strange as I still look at her as my little baby but I know she is going to look like a giant once the baby comes along!

Looking forward to: I’m starting to look forward to getting organised in the next few weeks. I want to get down all the new born clothes from t he attic and start washing them and all that stuff. I know I still have a good bit of time to go but I always feel like when you hold a new born baby grow in your hands or buy those teeny tiny nappies it all feels so real!

Until next week,




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